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Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Kitsinian Law Firm handle a wide variety of personal injury matters including auto accidents, hit-and-runs, wrongful death, slip-and-falls, products liability, burn injuries and premises liability. The Kitsinian Law Firm has the experience and resources to successfully handle your personal injury matter.

What Do You Have To Prove To Win A Personal Injury Case In California?

In California, most personal injury cases require that you prove your case to a standard described as a “preponderance of the evidence.” This means it is more likely true than not and is a lower standard of proof than that required in criminal cases. Some cases, such as those involving punitive damages, require a higher standard of proof known as “clear and convincing” evidence. That level is also less than the proof necessary for a criminal conviction.

We will thoroughly research your case to make sure that we are able to meet the standard of proof necessary to prove that you were harmed by the actions of others. A personal injury case often requires a considerable amount of legwork on our end. Make sure you work with a firm that is experienced in these types of cases and is willing to bet on its own ability to win the case.

The Kitsinian Law Firm primarily works on a contingency fee basis, meaning our clients do not pay out of pocket. We advance all the costs and expenses of litigation for you. We are so confident in our abilities to help you that if you don’t receive compensation for your injuries, we don’t either.

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