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3 tips for using a phone to record the scene of a car wreck

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Having a phone on hand after a car crash means that people can reach out to first responders and advise employers about their likely late arrival or others that they may miss an appointment. A phone can also help someone worried about whether they can receive proper compensation following a crash.

Obtaining adequate reimbursement from insurance providers or a driver at fault for a collision often requires proof of fault. Even those who obviously violated traffic laws sometimes lie after a crash in an attempt to avoid personal responsibility. Using a phone to document the scene of a crash could help someone prove who is actually to blame for the wreck.

How can someone properly record the scene of a crash using a mobile device?

Take pictures and video

Provided that someone has the right type of device and enough storage available, a combination of video footage and photographs can be useful after a collision. Video footage can provide more of a sense of scope and can show the position of debris and the vehicles within a space. Photos can capture clear images of key details.

Focus on the big picture

Frequently, people immediately start zooming in on details, such as the damage to their vehicle. They may try to get as close as possible to the damage when taking pictures. Some detail shots are valuable, but the damage to the vehicles usually remains the same even weeks after the crash. The placement of the vehicles and other environmental details are therefore important to capture. Taking wide-angle shots that capture the crash from multiple different vantage points can help with a more accurate reconstruction of the crash later.

Take time to document personal recollections

Human memory is quite fallible. The details start disappearing not long after an experience, and repeatedly revisiting a memory can alter how someone recalls an incident. Therefore, taking a few moments to record statements where the people involved in the crash talk about what happened in detail can preserve crucial information. Those details could play a role in establishing fault and securing compensation later.

Making use of the tools on hand after a car crash – and sharing any evidence gathered with a legal professional – can help someone obtain the best possible outcome following a wreck.