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3 common traffic habits that can lead directly to a wreck

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Certain actions people engage in while in traffic are unsafe and/or are obviously illegal. It is against the law to get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is also obviously unsafe to text or otherwise use a mobile phone manually while driving. People know that these actions increase their risk of a wreck, and many people actively avoid making these unsafe choices as a result of this knowledge.

Yet, there are other traffic habits that many people don’t realize are incredibly dangerous. Not only might these behaviors unintentionally put someone at increased risk of a crash, but they will also likely lead to liability in the event of a collision.

Excess speed

People need to abide by the posted speed limit or at least maintain the same speed as other vehicles in traffic. Driving too slowly can be risky, but excessive speed, especially speeds beyond the general flow of traffic on a road, increases someone’s chances of losing control of a vehicle or failing to stop in time.


It is crucial for traffic safety that everyone maintain an appropriate following distance behind the vehicle in front of them. However, many drivers will get quite close to the vehicle in front of them, especially when they feel like they have somewhere they need to be and the vehicle in front drives slowly. Tailgating often means that the vehicle in the rear will not have an opportunity to stop in time if the vehicle in front decelerates or suddenly comes to an abrupt stop.

Rolling through traffic lights and stop signs

Major intersections often either have stop signs or traffic lights installed to control the flow of traffic and ensure that some vehicles yield to others. Some people run red lights, while others choose not to fully stop as they should at a four-way stop or other stop sign. Particularly when traffic levels are low or someone is comfortable with their surroundings, they may not feel like they need to come to a complete stop. Although most of the time, these minor traffic choices won’t lead to a crash, all it takes is one oversight or mistake for a driver to cause a serious collision.

Ultimately, avoiding unsafe traffic habits and drivers who commit traffic violations may potentially help reduce someone’s risk of causing a wreck and incurring liability accordingly.