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Three of the most dangerous roads in LA

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving through Los Angeles requires skill and patience, with continual bumper-to-bumper traffic on many of the busiest roads. Motorists can typically get from Point A to Point B without an incident, but knowing which routes are the most dangerous may help minimize safety concerns.

Caution, without warning signs

It’s not always possible to take a different route. Therefore, if accident history indicates threat potential, defensive driving is non-negotiable on roads like:

  • Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Locals and tourists alike appreciate this scenic route. However, its sharp turns, narrow lanes and lack of guardrails make it prone to accidents, especially after daylight fades.
  • Interstate 5 (I-5). This north-south thoroughfare is known for its heavy congestion. Unfortunately, crashes often further magnify delays.
  • Hollywood Boulevard. Who can resist the iconic landmarks that set the stage for cinematic acclaim? The chaos related to fame commonly involves distracted travelers who are both awestruck and unfamiliar with traffic patterns in the area.

Although the probability of being involved in a crash varies, the unfortunate reality is that a motor vehicle accident is possible anywhere, with pending injuries lurking behind the wheel of negligent drivers.

Compensation for a California collision

The probability of automobile accidents may increase due to weather conditions, the time of day and topography changes. But what happens when drivers throw caution out the window in exchange for multitasking or rushing to meet scheduling demands?

Getting in the driver’s seat requires a duty to exercise caution and follow traffic laws regardless of the road traveled. Despite the number of factors that may contribute to collisions, motorists have the right to seek compensation for injuries sustained.