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What you should know before choosing and hiring a PI attorney

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you are a car accident personal injury victim and need to hire a personal injury attorney, there are important things you should consider. Not all personal injury attorneys are the same. The legal process of filing a claim for an injury can be overwhelming, especially if you are starting to heal from your injuries.

Some key things to think about when choosing and hiring a personal injury attorney:

  • Insurance companies have skilled lawyers to defend personal injury claims, usually salaried, in-house attorneys with a lifetime of experience in personal injury cases. Insurance companies pay them to save the company as much money as possible.
  • Most personal injury victims are unaware that the best personal injury attorneys in your community are not necessarily more expensive than the most inexperienced ones, who may not be equipped to handle your case.
  • Beware of choosing a personal injury attorney featured in ads everywhere. Many law firms who advertise aggressively aim to settle cases quickly and profit from the number of cases they get, which could result in getting you less compensation than you deserve.
  • Look for sources that rate personal injury attorneys based on what their colleagues say about them, their experience, track record and, very importantly, whether they are ethical and advocate fiercely for their clients.
  • Beware of solicitation letters sent by lawyers after your accident. Many personal injury lawyers hire individuals to obtain reports on traffic accidents and contact victims that way to get business.
  • Ask questions. Most quality attorneys who are highly skilled and experienced will be kind enough to provide you with some answers before you hire them. They will understand that you have options and respect you as a potential client.

Hiring a personal injury attorney can seem daunting because of the high volume of attorneys. However, doing a little bit of research could make the legal process of filing a claim easier for you and hopefully get you the recovery you deserve.