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Car wrecks and spinal cord injuries: What you should know

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People who are under 65 years of age are more likely to suffer a spinal cord injury in a car wreck than via any other cause. This catastrophic injury can lead to major life changes that mean the individual has to relearn how to do basic life skills. 

When a person is diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, they will have lots of questions about their prognosis. Understanding more about the different types of spinal cord injuries you can experience in a wreck can help.

Is the damage from a spinal cord injury always permanent?

The damage that a person suffers in a spinal cord injury can be permanent, but that’s not always the case. Spinal cord injures are divided into complete and incomplete categories. A complete injury means that the nerve pathways are fully severed, which pretty much eliminates the chance of a full recovery. An incomplete spinal cord injury still has some attached nerve pathways, which means there’s a better chance of at least a partial recovery.

The impacts of a spinal cord injury will occur below the level of the injury. This means that there’s a greater effect on the victim when the injury is in the cervical spine than in the lumbar spine. Prompt medical care can increase the chance of the best recovery possible. 

Anyone who’s involved in a car wreck should ensure that they get the medical care they need for their injuries. When one of these is catastrophic, such as a spinal cord injury, the medical care costs and other expenses are considerable. The victim may choose to seek compensation from the negligent driver. This can help them to recover the damages that were suffered in the crash.