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What happens when a driver hits you and totals your car?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes can inconvenience you by causing injuries that require medical attention. Of course, injuries aren’t the only issue people suffer after car wrecks. Collisions can also cause financial issues by damaging your vehicle.

Some drivers will just need to repair their vehicles. Others will face a more difficult situation. If the insurance company declares your vehicle a total loss because of extreme damage or invisible damage to the frame, you will have little choice but to purchase a new vehicle. Unfortunately, a totaled car could leave you with big bills after a California crash.

Some drivers don’t have enough property damage coverage

There is always a risk of getting into a crash with a driver who has no insurance whatsoever. However, the bigger risk is likely getting into a wreck caused by a driver without enough insurance. Many people carry as little insurance as they legally can to keep their costs low.

California state law mandates liability coverage, but a driver doesn’t need much property damage coverage to comply with the law. California only requires $5,000 in liability coverage for damage to your vehicle and other property in a wreck. When the insurance declares your vehicle a total loss, you will likely need far more than that to purchase something new.

Drivers may be able to make a claim against their own coverage if they have supplemental coverage on their own policies. If you don’t have collision or underinsured motorist coverage, then you may need to file a civil lawsuit against the driver who caused your crash. Knowing the basics of insurance can help you deal with the consequences of a California motor vehicle collision.