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Car wrecks and spinal cord injuries: The long-term needs of patients

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The impact of a car wreck can have a lot of effects on the body. A person who’s jarred and flung about in a crash can suffer significant injuries, including damage to their spinal cord. When this happened, there’s a chance that the person will have life-long challenges. 

People who have a spinal cord injury may need a large care team to help them with their recovery and daily activities. As time progresses, their care needs may change. 

What areas of care might need to be addressed after a spinal cord injury?

The goal of patient care after a spinal cord injury is for the patient to get back as much function and ability as they can. This often means addressing many facets of ongoing care. Some of the more common areas of concern include:

  • Respiratory care for patients who are ventilators or who have trouble breathing
  • Mobility assistance for those who can’t move around as they did prior to the injury
  • Life activity help for activities of daily living, including dressing and bathing
  • Mental health care for emotional and behavioral challenges
  • Vocational skill training to help those who can return to work
  • Communication assistance to help with written, verbal, and other forms of communication.

Seeking compensation from the negligent party may be the only way to ensure that you or your loved one gets the care they need after a serious car wreck. Getting your case filed quickly is important because there are time limits for how long you have to get this done after the wreck.